A Review about Holiday in Seoul (South Korea)

Seoul is a city with 600 years of stories and now metropolis… to Write something new and unusual is quite difficult or almost impossible. Already a lot of different stories and novels written about him.

The very pronunciation of the name of the capital of South Korea in Russian sounds not correct to Seoul. Not just because right was previously read by Latin transcription. It is more correct to call the “Soul”, which in Korean stands for the capital.

Seoul is the largest city in the country, here are the most headquarters of international companies and financial companies. The city is truly unique, so get on in it ancient traditions and modern values.

To get to the city will not make special work. As each day of summer flights of “Aeroflot” and “Korea Air”. The airport though is in the neighboring city of Incheon(Incheon international airport ), but it does not matter, because from there you can take bus, taxi or train ride A REX.

The climate of the capital is very similar to European, so you should not have problems with acclimatization.

As Seoul is in the heart of the metropolis, and you can always meet a huge tube. In order not to waste your time, I recommend to use the meter.

Today on the Seoul subway has 9 lines. The numbering of the stations is a three – digit number, but such numbers is denoted not all schemes, and local residents rarely use the rooms. The ticket price depends directly on the distance travel. The minimum cost is 1500 yen (if you return the card after the trip, you are refunded 500 coins).

For that would be possible to simplify it a trip that you can buy a pass at the vending machines on each station. A large part of the Seoul machines with touch support Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese languages. It is important to remember, that the ticket to be kept until the end of the trip, as it will be carried out.

In the main city of South Korea is quite difficult to find something truly ancient. All because of that ancient buildings a large number of times, then burned, then rebuilt. And Yes, I have not noticed trends in Seoul “build in memory”, since demolished all the time, even young buildings for something radical and progressive. You could say, build as quickly as quickly demolished.

Seoul is built on a large river, the Han, that’s why the city has many variety of bridges (e.g., bridge-fountain, where two sides beat up jets of water, which at night are illuminated by various lights).

Unfortunately, the metropolis among the European tourists are not particularly popular. You can walk around the city and not see a single European, and to meet a large number of Japanese and Chinese. The city is safe, you can safely walk at night, as there is no crime.

It is best to start your acquaintance with this town from the historic centre, as there are a large number of temples, pagodas and palaces.

Specific attention deserves the Gyeongbokgung Palace, which formerly served as the residence for the kings. Russian names are a bit incorrect, since in Korean “kun” is the Palace. So the name should sound just as while gyeongbok or Gyeongbokgung. Well, if literally translated. We will denote as a “Palace of sunshine and happiness.”

Gyeongbokgung is one of the five largest temple complexes. Here is constantly changing of the guard of the Royal guard. This spectacle attracts tourists especially as it is very colorful. Is the guard near the gate Kwanghwamun. The main buildings of the complex are Kandangan is the throne room, where earlier monarchs were crowned, conducted the Affairs of state. Kenjiro and a gazebo, which was built in the center of the pavilion. Gyeongbokgung is the most beautiful complex in Seoul. Also worth visiting here is the Lotus pond.

Near the gate of the Palace is Hanneman state Museum, and in Hanconghe home to the Museum of the Korean nation. A ticket to both museums is free if you buy a ticket to the Palace.

Deoksu Palace is located in the heart of Seoul and is known for its neatly laid out paths. This is the only Palace built in Western style. Inside is the pavilion and the bridge Tehranchian Kumchon – which drove the Royal carriage. Next is the pavilion Topcon, and Confucion Chincogan.

In the center is symbolic Namsan mountain, which is very popular as a family holiday destination. At the top of the hill is the octagonal pavilion, Seoul tower, aquarium, fountains, library and a Botanical garden. At the top you can climb by cable car or stairs.

Then you can go to Itaewon street. Getting here arises the thought of you anywhere but not in Korea, as there is in the main the Europeans or the Americans.

But for those who want to see Korean ethnicity, life should visit the Gangbuk area, where there is a huge market with a long history.

Well, if you just want to have fun, so it should go straight in the hongdae area, where primary students living alone. Local cafes and bars are relatively high prices.

You should pay attention to a walk in the most fashionable district of Apgujeong, with Rodeostar street, where a great number of restaurants, entertainment centers and boutiques.

It is worth to visit the business district of the city that attracts amazing buildings and the largest in all of Korea Park.

To stay with a family should visit entertainment parks entertainment center Lotte World or Everland entertainment complex. Those who love marine entertainment should visit the water Park “Caribbean Bay”. But the “Grand Park” will surprise you with its zoo.

In Seoul you can buy everything your heart desires. At Myeongdong store is brand of clothing and shoes. For antique lovers worth to try the Insadong street.

Well, if you get hungry, there are entire neighborhoods that specialize in a variety of dishes. I recommend to visit the restaurants in the area Ewha womans University – Salindong, Itaewon, ConRo, MEUDON. For young people it is worth to visit the Gangnam area.

Food prices depend on the institutions. In the budget – from 2020 to over 9000. For people of moderate means from 8,000 to 15,000 won. If you travel in the city on short distances, it is best to use multi-seat taxi that will be cheaper and more comfortable than the bus. The minimum cost of a ticket to 1150 over a bus and Maxi taxis is 1900 won.

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