Amazing facts about South Korea


Most Ukrainians mention of South Korea is associated with cheap electronics,

spicy carrots with our markets and the stories about dog meat as a local delicacy. Unfortunately, myths often hide from us the reality…

One look at Seoul, the capital of South Korea, enough to agree: the state is indeed full of surprises! The first thing that catches your eye – hundreds of groups and placed singly skyscrapers. Here and there giant piles of they rested in a small haze of the sky – different configurations, different design, dressed in huge plasma screens or billboards. And in the shadow of modern architecture surrounded by a delightful hiding the silence of Buddhist temples or Palace complexes colorful former rulers of the country. But from the collision of past and present does not occur dissonance – different eras seamlessly intertwined, durmana sounds, smells, the tempo.


The second pleasant shock – it’s expensive. Their perfectly smooth surface, without patches and potholes, causes unconcealed envy. They were modelled on the American highways, because often have four rows in each direction. In addition, the city is shrouded in a web of interchanges of air, which greatly unload streets. However, from the traffic jams that still does not save: odinnadtsatimetrovy Seoul often “worth”. Even in the late evening you can get into the Ghost train.

Although we’re not surprised. But the fact that in a remote province, among rice fields and frogs kakania, the motorist waits immaculately laid tarmac, excellent markings, reflectors, convex mirrors for a better view of the mountain “looping” of the area and CCTV cameras, our minds cannot understand! Moreover, we in Kiev during the day more accidents recorded than in the whole of Korea for a week.


But, probably, in the event of a collision of cars, the locals continued to smile at each other. The politeness of these people in the blood. Everywhere you look – everywhere the shining face and figure, swaying in a courteous bow. So do salespeople, Elevator operators, concierges, taxi drivers… And soon you start them and respond in kind.


However, the most incredible that South Korea took only 30 years to make the leap from poverty to prosperity, from ignorance to high technologies. The answer lies in the incredible hard work of the people: the Koreans are working 10 hours, six days a week and virtually no holidays. And besides, they are rabid patriots. There are no slogans “Support the domestic manufacturer!”, meanwhile all go on the Korean cars, buy Korean clothes and cast doubt on imported food: who knows what crammed. In General, each quite sincerely believes that the Korean is the best one, including kitchenette.

Whatever you eat, attendees will embark on a discussion about what is useful or harmful. Fatty and sweet in any case! but all that applies to “traditional Korean cooking” – good for the body. It seems that here of health made a cult by tying it to the power supply.


By the way, we’re almost at the docks by Japanese cuisine, which we quickly caught on, the interest to Chinese and have no idea about Korean. Moreover is afraid of her because of common myths.

Let’s start with sobachatina because someone once invested in the idea that in Korea it’s favorite treat. What, wander around the restaurants – just wasting your time! Although, it must be confessed, in the past the meat of this animal was part of the ritual that was supposed to give men sexual power. But never put it on the table as an ordinary dish, but still for all households! Now Koreans in General are ashamed of this history. Receive and animal proteins at the expense of pork. Its appearance is connected with the economic boom of the last decades: before this product is used only on major holidays and in wealthy families, but now not expensive in any moment to eat pork ribs “kalbi” or pieces of the flesh “bulgogi”. Both dishes are prepared right in front of the guest on a special roaster. And, incidentally, a departure from a vegetarian diet have led to the fact that Koreans on the average grown on 10 cm.

Known to us a carrot too sharp not find anywhere else. This is simply an invention of those who tried to improvise on the theme of spicy food, and possibly had only a distant view of Korean cooking. Although about sharpness they are not wrong: most local dishes offers a fantastic causticity due to the abundance of chili peppers. Therefore, the “holders” of ulcers and gastritis will be here to pour bitter tears, if through ignorance will start seizing all without discrimination. However, the Koreans on the stomach I do not complain – they get used to the “OneNote” their foods from the age of three.


If we have bread – a head, in Korea – boiled rice “pub”. Is the main dish of any meal, and not meat, fish or seafood! How many treats before you put any Korean, but if he can’t see the pic, then decide that I want to leave him hungry. Of course, fresh porridge welded on water without salt do not eat a lot. Therefore, in the Arsenal of local chefs, there are hundreds of kimchi recipes – cold appetizers to whet your appetite. Their equivalent can be our pickles. Kimchi is not just sharp – they’re fantastic burning because of the abundance of Chile. Plus the garlic and acetic acid! While the value meals that is a real fount of vitamins and microelements, which are almost fully intact reach of the Korean table. The best way to preserve fruits for the winter to provide sustenance, could not have been! Kimchi prepared with everything at hand: the vegetables, the roots of wild plants, seafood, fish, mushrooms. But particularly beloved cabbage.

And on the third place ranking are a variety of soups. Attachment to them is so great that the Japanese called Koreans as “people soup”. And entrees draw a line under the meal, as a signal: the next one will be dessert. However, if you think at the end of dinner you will be served a sweet tooth, you are seriously mistaken. In the best case – will offer fruit or pumpkin puree. Even Korean cakes, as delicious and elegant as they may look, will not leave in the mouth the sensation of sweetness because the sugar in the recipe is not provided. Bad!


The national currency is the Korean won. Approximately 1000 won equal to 1 U.S. dollar. In addition, almost everywhere accept credit cards.

South Korea is beautiful at any time of the year, however, arriving in June, the tourist is at risk to catch the monsoon: the clouds, the pouring rain, dampness.

Since Korea other cellular communications standard, the best option is to rent a mobile phone. This can be done directly at Incheon airport.

In Korea the time is not transferred to the winter and summer. So in the summer the difference between Kiev and Seoul is + 6 hours in winter and + 7 hours.

The most picturesque part of the country – “Mandarin’s island” Jeju island, which is called the “Korean Hawaii”. It is located in the subtropical zone and is famous for its mineral springs, magnificent beaches and amazing flora and fauna anywhere else in Korea will not meet.

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