Amazing wild tribes of Myanmar

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Modern Myanmar is inhabited by over a hundred Nations and tribes. Among them was Mona, and Shana, and ranks, and Karen and Kaya.

Perhaps one of the most interesting tribes in South – East Asia is the Enga tribe in Myanmar.

The Enga tribes are animists, still one of the few tribes. which retain a primitive life. The tribe lives high in the Shan mountains, they dress in black clothes samotkanye. Worship spirits, animals, plants that live in thatched houses with a fireplace in the middle of the room. The main occupation of the tribe ang is the cultivation of cotton and groundnuts.

They are afraid of the spirit of water, so settle far from rivers and lakes and rarely washed, and the water tribe had constructed a large water pipe made of bamboo.

The people of this tribe, though not aggressive, but not friendly. Children are considered alien, as the savages are running around with toys ( mochito, slingshots. poles) and extend the hand of friendship ( without emotion). when you’re buying them sweets. These tribes can be reached, receiving special permission from the government of Burma.

Akka Tribe. This is a more civilized tribe (nation), although he lives without electricity in thatched houses, are the richest tribe in Shan state. The main occupation is the cultivation of opium. For the tribe Accounts are characterized with their beautiful headdresses for the production of which they use coins.

Padunov of the tribe, where women for the sake of beauty stretched their necks, putting them on metal rings is probably the most hyped tribe among tourists.

To the village to Padungan the local Government does not allow foreigners even with special permission, but Padungan can be seen on Inle lake, where they run advertisements in a local store.

If men-padaung look quite normally, women with childhood lengthen the neck, put on them gold rings. Girls starting from 5 years each year wear the ring. Most rings can be up to 25 total weight of 9 pounds. The average length of the neck of such beauty is 20 cm. the Elongation of the neck achieved through the omission of the bones of the shoulder girdle and offset it down. To remove the ring yourself to women because you can’t girafa may break neck.

The tribe Ranks make up 2% of Myanmar’s population (about 1.5 million). They are divided into more than 30 tribes, each speaking its own dialect (tado, zo, chami, Maro, kinbon, Dean, etc.) and has different customs, because of the difference in location. The offices occupy almost the entire Western edge of Myanmar and neighbouring areas of India, who settled here in the 9th-11th centuries, having migrated from Tibet.

The Chin area is a deep valley, sandwiched by mountains that, despite their seemingly not too great height (1500-2700 m), very difficult. From the main territory of the country the land of ranks separated by a ridge Ponnya, the relay which is in the South almost immediately picked up by rakhaing. Between the two ridges there is a gap and this is actually the only way to get to the office. From India, the region is also separated by mountains, and therefore turns a blind, isolated from civilization the countryside. In fact, until the arrival in 1890 of the British region, ranks were in total obscurity. Under the influence of British missionaries-Baptists, many chin tribes began to profess Christianity, but most to date have retained animist beliefs.

Traditional clothing hand-woven ranks, called the “humans” and is a cloaks-cloaks with a pattern of horizontal red and yellow stripes, vaguely resembling an Indian poncho. The women of this tribe wear black Haka costumes, adorning themselves lavishly with silver and amber bracelets and necklaces. The old ranks are often unusual narrow black aprons hanging near the bottom with bronze bells.

But the thing that catches the eye in the form of ranks, are women. They are completely painted with tattoos, and the older the lady, so it is in this sense more beautiful. Long chinks did it so as not to tempt the barman to take them prisoner. Now, true, tattoo, young girls make a name for themselves only in the distant mountain villages. As Bernanke, chin ladies smoke a lot, instead of cigar-chroot preferring long tube. Some tribes (for example, chami) to differentiate the marital status of a girl, unmarried, worn on the chest small vest, woven from dry reeds and grass. Inheritance rights women have.

The everyday ranks extremely primitive. In the mass, they live, without electricity and cars. Practice of terraced farming on mountain slopes, growing wheat, corn, coffee, oranges, apples. Manually woven blankets, gathering wood (teak). The main occupation is hunting wild Buffalo (mitjana beach). And is considered a point of honor to hang the skulls of dead buffalos in front of the house, and put the stone totems, like a huge slingshot. Houses differ little from the Burmese, but the cemetery is interesting. They look like a small cluster of stone coffins, which are put under the pots with ashes of the dead.

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