Bear fat and bile from the experience of Korea


Who not only eat people! Read the prescriptions of folk medicine of Korea and amazed. To eat, it turns out, can be just about anything. And all. Even with health benefits.

Bear. It’s hard to tell where in Korea take. Mouse, in my opinion, and those fleeing in fear from the roar of modern Korean technology (or maybe, they just destroyed people’s doctors. Mice, it turns out, also are treated, not only by themselves but their droppings. But more on that later). Now, going back to the bear. Traditionally, Koreans knew it.

Bear paws are dainty dish as mentioned in old Korean novels. It is believed that in addition to the excellent taste, this dish has the property to strengthen the body I. more importantly, CI(qi). Good for stimulating appetite, for people with digestive problems. Has a curative effect for colds. These qualities, according to Korean physicians, and has the bear meat at all. It has offered people a weakened, haggard face. If eat bear meat, the face will appear flushed, Ki will rise sharply. The muscle spasms, aching limbs,when the joints are badly bent. However, in chronic diseases, such as tumors, do not eat bear-meat regularly. Bear meat is best suited for body type .

Bear fat is also known from time immemorial as a remedy. However, it is not available all year round. Bear fattens fat over the summer to spend it in the winter. So with a spear it better to go in November, when the bear is fat and unsportsmanlike. It is believed that bear fat strengthens the heart, normalizes blood circulation,so good for conditions when you feel fatigue in the muscles and aching. Regular consumption of bear fat improves the skin,promotes the disappearance of acne. Improves the condition of your scalp, helps with hair loss. (And the Western doctors usually recommend with alopecia and acne have less animal fat. Odd discrepancies) And another in Korea it is believed that bear fat . It all sounds a bit unusual. But actually, as a native of Siberia, I find that the medicinal qualities of bear meat and fat I heard in my childhood.

Unlike Korea, we bear still Dating, and bear (and also badger) fat as a means of combating a cold, running, people pretty well know. For the badgers it will still go to them, as you might imagine, also eat. And about the bear meat I want to warn the reader – she, like the meat of any forest animal, full of vermin, so if you want to be treated-remember that all of this stuff must be subjected to prolonged heat treatment

[Bear meat can be affected with trichinosis and trichina does not kill even heat treatment, so meat-eaters should be eaten only after a thorough examination with the use trihinelloskopa – approx. ed.].

Finally, undam – bear’s gallbladder. Despite the solid reputation of undama as traditional medications, science has not yet found, as far as I know, there is no special healing components. But this does not mean that medicinal values in undame no – it proves the practice. So sailors long before the discovery by science of vitamins knew that lemons help in scurvy. Very simple – ate and helped. Although some of the physicians denounced the method as unscientific:Something similar happens with the gall bladder of a bear. However, doctors are now more cautious in relation to the traditional treatment. That helps undam, they have no doubt. And that’s why, while it is not entirely clear.

Bear bile lowers the temperature, spazmolitikam is a great, soothing remedy. Helps in infectious diseases, severe cold, accompanied by high fever and convulsions. Just one gram of undama helps in such cases. Moreover, it can give even very young children who have high fever accompanied by convulsions. Korean doctors suggest in such cases to put the child in the mouth, about 150 mg funds. (For the attention of enthusiasts. It is necessary in such lucah and raw materials to take to the pharmacy, and a doctor to consult. Undam and generally sold in the form of drugs directed action. Please no Amateur. ).

Personally, I had to be convinced in the healing properties of undama when treated exhausting nocturnal cough – – your little daughter. In Korea this is a very common problem for migrant children is coughing constantly. Not for help nor local syrups, no brought from Russia – every night was a torment. Until one day in one of the pharmacies did not offer us to try cough syrup with bear bile . The taste is extremely ugly, he, nevertheless, helped immediately.

Undam, passed in small quantities, calms pain accompanying gallbladder disease, or gallstone disease, pain in ulcer 12 duodenal ulcer. When increased pain when the disease spread to the affected area is applied to the solution of UNAMA in water and rubbed the pain passes quickly.

Undam has the property to neutralize poisons and anti-inflammatory action. So it is used for liver, gallbladder. It is used in acute diseases of the ear-throat-nose – it soothes sore swollen throat, reduces inflammation of the oral cavity. Use undam, as already mentioned above, in the treatment of children – in particular, liver disease caused by liver Fluke. In addition, undam used to treat heart disease, hypertension,severe cold in such cases is supposed to be dissolved in bamboo juice and drink.

Undam promotes the release of bile and normalizes excessive acidity of gastric juices, helps to digest fats. Treats pain in muscles, caused by hypothermia. With his help cure many eye diseases. For example, removed, eye redness,swelling, eye . In addition, chronic diarrhea,jaundice, abscesses, and intractable, infectious diseases,chest pain, hemorrhoids, too, they say, are treated with undatum. However, it is not recommended the use of bear bile for pregnant and nursing mothers with liver problems, tuberculosis.

How to prepare undam? Catch the bear gall bladder out (very carefully together with bile) and dried in a cool place. Generally the gall bladder of various animals from time immemorial been used in various countries. In the West preferred the gall bladder of a cow, in the East of the pig. So if the spear you will not succeed – not otzavites.


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