In Japan, the annual festival of the penis

Every spring, the entire first week of April, Japan celebrates the festival of Kanamara penis Matsuri, and on Sunday the main procession takes place. This festival is a simpler and more accessible form of fertility festival in Shinto. You receive the male organ during the procession and secured in large carts. Even the sweets sold at the festival thematic forms. Men participate in the festival, mostly hiding behind masks, and demonstrate their dignity, the huge size of papier-mache. In addition to screening, men still waving the “devices” and chasing women. However, everything passes the bounds of decency. But the main parade and the main action takes place at the Kanayama Shrine in the Japanese city of Kawasaki. The biggest festival of this kind held in Nagano, where the main figure of the festival weighs over 2 tons. This kind of holidays can not be held in a fun and, especially, without sake.

By the way, Kanamara holiday Matsuri has ancient roots: it was first noted in the 17th century. Then prostitutes pray for protection from syphilis Kanayama Shrine in Kawasaki city. According to the legend, one beautiful girl fell in love with a demon, sharp teeth, and he decided to settle in her cunt, whereby she was deprived of the dignity of their two husbands in the first night. Then the girl turned to the blacksmith who made metal penis that broke the very sharp teeth the poor demon. After that people built a huge penis, which girls of easy virtue were to ask for protection from sexually transmitted diseases. He then became portable, and as a result originated this festival. Also in Kawasaki there is a temple of the penis, which was formerly the temple of the gods of iron. The fact that he’s lived next to the Smiths, it was also a lot of brothels, so they came to this temple and prayed to not get syphilis.

In kiosks and shops selling a variety of Souvenirs fallichesky the subjects. The festival participants have a lot of fun, joking and having fun taking pictures with different penises. Young girls often choose lollipops in the shape of a penis and compete to see who will eat the original sweet treat.

Traditionally, all proceeds from the sale of Souvenirs of the festival go to help Fund HIV and AIDS.

Kanamara-Matsuri (jap. かなまら祭り, “Festival of the iron penis”) is a Shinto festival celebrated every year on the first Sunday of April at Kanayama Shrine in the Japanese city of Kawasaki. For the first time the feast began to celebrate in the Edo period (1603-1868), then asked the prostitute at the Shrine of success in their work and protection from syphilis. The Central theme of the holiday are three of the phallus in different colours and sizes: very large, pink, with a height of about 2.5 meters, carried in the palanquin of the divine transvestite. In penis lollipops are sold everywhere, the Souvenirs, they are cut out from the daikon and other Special activity now as a century ago, are prostitutes, praying the Penis to protect them from professional diseases. All proceeds from the festivals are transmitted to the funds and organizations engaged in the study of HIV.

The Honan-Matsuri (jap. 豊年祭 Ho:Nan Matsuri, letters. A rich holiday of the year) — Shinto fertility celebration, celebrated on the 15th of March. Particularly known celebration in the Japanese city of Komaki in Aichi Prefecture: the city held a parade of Shinto with micosi (jap. 御輿, the portable sanctuary) in which is suspended a huge (weighing in at 250 kg and a length of 2.5 m) wooden phallus. Sold on the streets of phallic candy, Souvenirs and dumplings. It should be noted that the object of worship is not a wooden phallus, but goddess Tamahime-but mikoto. The phallus symbolizes the warrior Take-in-Dana, husband Tamahime-but mikoto coming to visit his wife. Because it is believed that the new subject more vitality, each year the phallus is carved anew from whole cypress logs.

Men and women of all ages gather at this wonderfully relaxed festival where there is no fighting and the crowds. 42-year-old man (the Japanese believe that this age brings a failure), dressed in white, carrying through the streets the giant cypress penis weighing in at 280 pounds and a length of 2.5 meters. Every year new vytesyvajut craftsmen, using ancient tools and techniques. According to legend, the new more vitality. Behind the procession are 36-year-old woman, whose age is also supposedly brings only failure, have small penises, to protect yourself from harm and bring fertility.

Coincidentally, the main celebration of the festival fell on Easter, and while in the Western countries ate eggs, the Japanese were worn with penises.

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