Sex: how it happened in Japan

Prodoljaem Deposit section «Interestingness » and subsection «18+ » new material. And today we — article « Sex: how it happened in Japan… » Not that we could boast of some practical experience in this field… But a couple of interesting moments on this subject we learned. And what we want to share.

By the way, the truth, this article isn’t even 18+ (except that a little bit, at the very end), but just interesting and informative. But suddenly someone’s opinion… In General, just in case we have set markirovku. And so we will continue.

Sex: how it happened in Japan? «Yes as we probably…» — you say. And it is true. But not all. About the nuances, by the way, I wrote this article. Oh and remember to start with a good book «Shogun», in which the author is not one page is devoted to the description of this process, as it happened in Japan 300 years ago.

And how interesting. was? Talk:

Personally, what struck us is the fact that in Japan the culture of sex was very developed. Well, compared to the culture of sex in Europe at the time, it was just a GIANT gap — which saw the hero of the book, when it came to practical comparisons. Of course, the book describes priveligirovannyh class, samurai class. Among the ordinary villagers special culture was unlikely. As everywhere in the world at all times, of course.

As it turned out, already more than 300 years ago, women in Japan have received on this occasion a good education. Which included anatomy, physiology and exercise. So, a well-known exercise balls for intimate muscles training invented in Japan. And tested in practice for many centuries.

Well, the fundamental postulate of this training was very simple: the woman needs to be satisfied sexually always. When she’s unhappy, and it badly affects on appearance, and on the health and mental state. In our country to notice this nuance may have a point, but to anything it no longer led. But in Japan in those days led to the emergence of different devices that can deliver more pleasure to a woman as with a man, and without it.

Yes, the jade rod — is not only a metaphor but also a real tool. As mentioned above the balls. And so on: almost all modern simulation industry was presented in the intimate environment of Japanese women and girls.

So the first conclusion is very simple:

now there is little in the sexual sphere than the Japanese and Japanese women would not even 300 years ago.

Perhaps so fashionable now among them tentacles and all sorts of other subtleties of a sexual relationship. The new level, so to speak

But back to how it was in Japan.

We, rude men, still called priestesses of the Orient a geisha. The locals gave them more subtle names, such as bison — “selling spring.” Geisha in Japan still means woman, the man delivers aesthetic pleasure without direct sexual gratification.

Here and so. By the way, poetic, sublime attitude to sex — this is an indicator of good mental health in this area. At the other extreme, as you know, every obscenity.

Prostitution in the land of the rising sun has always existed. Japan — this is a war, a war — and this fierce samurai code of honor, a samurai — the army is starving on the dominance of Asians. Therefore, prostitutes are often heavily based the whole policy and the Japanese economy, no more, no less.

Prostitutes in Japan have always lived in reservations — blocks, protected by a moat and walls. Of these stone cells, the priestess of love could only go to the doctor, or the judge with the client to admire the cherry blossoms. In all cases, the prostitutes were accompanied by a policeman.

Speaking of hungry Asians-samurai. We met somewhere a mention to an interesting fact: Japanese person of the warrior caste — is not of the same genotype that ordinary Japanese. It sounds strange, but the genotype of warriors, the samurai closer to the European genotype. How can you check it? Very simple — look at pictures of the Japanese commanders and military commanders of world war II. In those days, ruled the hereditary samurai army. Now, they’re bearded and mustachioed! With their beards and mustache can sometimes be the envy of other Europeans. The beard is real Japanese — this is a much scarcer sight.

Returning to the book «Shogun», you will notice how the samurai treated the local population. For example, the book describes how one samurai took donated to the white sword, go cut some in half oil seller, returned the sword and advised him to call «oil Seller». Added to this is another fact: the peasants in Japan in those days had NO RIGHT to keep any weapon. So, the entire village was given one knife that was sentenced to the pillar in the Central square, and it was guarded by the guard.

Join and get the facts: the local population SO can only relate conquerors. Which with fire and sword trying to get them to love local. But the conquerors, as you understand, are the European genotype. Here such here pies turn out interesting

And specifically among those of the samurai culture evolved sex. So the Europeans may not worry at the expense of the palm

And back to our geisha.

The girls get in the quarters Ukaku from early childhood, straight out of the warm embrace of “loving” families, who cared for their own prosperous future.

The science of pleasure were given to the girls is not easy, but the results excite the imagination of men throughout the world. As you the ability to instantly hoist the tubular body of the mollusk at “jade wand” client, in order to increase his dignity? What can you say about the art to perform the song using “bells of love” from the depths “Jasper caves” during the act of coitus? A list of recipes from the book, rings of sea slugs, and Lotus roots can continue for quite a long time, but still not that attracted to Asians medieval quarters for night birds.

Poetry, calligraphy, dancing, singing and table fellowship where everyone can feel like a connoisseur of life, — that’s what the Japanese Bison captivated descendants of the samurai. It is girls of spring was often the first experience young Japanese people, forever shaping them attraction to aestheticism and good manners in sex. Therefore, despite the novels in the light of laws banning prostitution, the neighborhoods and Ukaku Isiwara only expanded, acquiring new streets and houses for the night overstay men. Many of the girls have actually become second wives, so as to change the prostitute was considered bad form.

How did it end? It’s very simple: the Europeans came and brought a sexually transmitted disease. So the government hastened to shut this down thoroughly. At the same time, apparently, destroying the culture of sex per se (at least, so you can understand, watching some hentai cartoons).

In the same book «Shogun» describes a time when the state level was accepted the separation between the geisha and the prostitutes. Since that time, the priestesses of love plain — is one thing, and geisha — is another. For geishas were fixed mostly aesthetics, with the priestesses of love — more than the technical aspect.

Why geisha — this is a girl (woman), entertaining their customers (guests) with Japanese dancing, singing, conducting a tea ceremony, a conversation on any topic. The name of the profession is composed of two characters: “art” and “person”, thus meaning “person of arts”.

So with sex in Japan, I’ve had better…


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