Sexual customs of different countries

Warsaw on the occasion, an annual holiday that marks the end of the rainy season and the awakening of nature, young men from the tribe which belonged to the Bororo heavily painted and dress up.

The make-up is an important part of the ceremony, which can last six days and six nights. On the face put a thick layer of ocher, and then RUB with fat for gloss (make-up layer sometimes reaches 3-5 cm). During the festival, young men participate in a beauty contest, the jury which consists of the 10 most beautiful girls of the tribe. The participants are all naked, and equally painted faces dancing to the virtuoso mastery of the art of makeup does not interfere with the girls impartially evaluate of manhood. Eerie smile frozen on the faces of contestants who need to demonstrate the white teeth and bulging eyes – to show off the vividness of proteins. The winner can choose any number of girls and stay with them until the next moon. The remaining judges on the girls are divided between the nearest rivals of the lucky man. Another 4-5 guys get the right to go with one of the other young beauties in the nearby forest and become a real man. Well, the rest will wait for next year.

The aborigines of North-Eastern Australia prior to 1945 was replaced by a handshake. perioperation. Every alien coming into a local village, had to give his penis to shake the inhabitants of the village of the stronger sex.

The people of Nuba main day of the year is considered “the feast of choice of husbands”. At sunrise the potential of the couple starting their love dancing and dancing until, while not all brides will look out for one of the tribesmen. Moreover, when a token of your woman puts a hand on his shoulder elect, flattered, he dare not even lift his eyes to the future spouses. May be because the bride, adorning themselves the night before, came on a little strong with ritual wounds and cuts. However, the future family life is still far from a decided fact. Even after public erotic games the future of marriage remains in question. Even if the young warrior was able to appease his beauty, until he will build a house for her, he will live among cattle and be able to visit beloved only at night, secretly making his way into the house of the future family.

A real cultural shock that awaits the traveler who at the winter solstice will be in the heart of the Hindu Kush in Northern Pakistan. The Kalash tribe living there, called “a drop in the sea of paganism Islam”. On the eve of the holiday devoted to the praise of love and fertility, local village girls compete in ritual profanity. It is believed that evil spirits, when he heard “full truth” local residents will lose to it any interest and do not build snares. When this «verbal Orgy” consists of several stages, between which men and women change clothes. Thus, they stir up the desire, though any physical contact during this period is strictly prohibited. Only after the coming of the day of sacrifice and General revelry, and in the temple Sagicor for one hour will kill 100 sheep, Kalash can with a clear conscience to indulge in love.

Interesting sexual traditions still exist in Japan. On the feast of fertility men come in suits, huge penises, made of papier-mache. Calm in normal times, Japanese people have fun shouting and chasing women.

In Japan not only glorify the male sex organs, but female – on so-called “festival of the vagina”. Down the street are carrying a huge model of the vagina. Sometimes its open. The girl sitting inside the audience throws rice cakes, which they catch on the fly.

Well, every five years in this country goes through a special ceremony, during which the displayed image, both male and female genitals. It takes place in Inuyama. Here deliver deity-the temple of the phalluses in Tagete, and images of the female vagina – from Ogata. During the phallic festivals shows and sometimes the actual sexual act.

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