Traditional Christmas meals different countries

The rapid and intensive pace of modern life inexplicably affects the already fleeting time, accelerating it. Seemingly only over a series of new year holidays, as soon as autumn it’s time to start preparations for the upcoming winter festivities.

Modern cooking is different in different countries and the widespread eclecticism of interpenetration. As a result of world cuisine enriched, it would seem, is not peculiar traditions, become more interesting and respectable.

In turn, modern Christmas table absolutely not similar to a festive table of our childhood, our parents organized the resulting battle over the deficit. Today we have access to previously unimaginable products, of which a good housewife is simply a sin not to prepare an original Christmas table for your friends and loved ones using proven as time and people amazing traditional Christmas meals different countries.

For example, the British from dried wheat bread, different varieties of raisins, cherries, apples, almonds and candied peel are preparing a Christmas plum-pudding. It adds lemons, oranges, ginger, cinnamon, cloves and star anise. It is remarkable that this prudish people created from feed dishes a whole new year’s ritual – the pudding doused with a mixture of rum and brandy, ignited and burning in the form of spectacular walks to the table.

Conservatives-Americans do not change our traditions and gather with their families around stuffed turkeys and our neighbors, the Bulgarians do not think of your Christmas table without moussaka, consisting of meat, mainly mutton and various vegetables: eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini, cabbage, potatoes and other. It is remarkable that all the ingredients are put into the moussaka at the same time, the hostess leaving time for other holiday chores. Of course, like any other Balkan dish, moussaka is decorated with a bouquet of fragrant herbs and spices. In the finished dish Bulgarians foodies add sour cream.

The Dutch serve Christmas wine-stewed rabbit, to which is added onions, bacon, sour cream and greens, and the Danes in the New year with apples, plums and raisins stuffed duck, adding celebratory notes in the form of a brandy and cranberry jelly.

India, famous for its unique culinary traditions, celebrates the New year by reitou – hash, cooked according to the recipe and national biryani – pilau with mutton, vegetables, fruits, nuts and the famous Indian spices. Light dessert is a whipped cream with ginger.

Reckless glutton Italians on New year particularly the soul is removed at the table. In particular, the holiday table is complete without a very special cotechino the sausage, which is prepared exclusively for New year’s and served in the baton. Special piquancy to the dish adds to the fact that in addition to greasy pork sausage wrapped in dough pears, shallots and juniper berries. All this Mediterranean blend of Italian herbs offered generously, brown sugar, vanilla and red wine vinegar.

After lunch, inhabitants of the Apennines begin to main dishes – Rampone, representing a baked pork leg stuffed with meat and baked seafood. Even in the celebration, no self-respecting Italian will do without the national idea became a paste.

The Mexicans on this day, prefer to relinquish burritos and treat yourself to roasted young pig with rice, peppers and black beans, as well as snacks from a variety of vegetables and cheese. Alcoholic drink tequila is served unchanged. For dessert, the inhabitants of Latin America with guileless pleasure to tuck into bread from their usual corn flour.

The Germans are also not averse to eat out for the gala table. On this day, on the burghers of these tables you will find salmon in a cream sauce with spinach and lemon zest, baked in a dough under rosy spicy pink pepper, aromatic mustard potatoes and fried carp. For dessert in Germany prefer pecan pie and marzipan cake with whipped cream or meringue.

Of course, it is impossible to imagine Christmas table without Norwegian fish dishes. On this day the inhabitants of Scandinavia served unique soup of salmon with vegetables, cream, herbs and croutons. But a single fish to their new year’s menu is not limited – it traditionally includes meat braised ribs under a variety of fantastic sauces and cozy, homey mashed potatoes.

In Portugal and Spain a special role in new year’s eve is withdrawn grapes while making 12 cherished desires before regular absorption of berries.

Slow Finns are also not averse to eat tight to keep warm in frosty winter holiday. On new year’s table they have traditionally chicken legs, fruit pickled in vinegar with garlic, spices and mustard. It is remarkable that such chicken are prepared on skewers, unconsciously reminding us of the transience of time and the inevitable arrival of summer with its barbecues. Cold appetizer mandatory in Finland is the national dish of many Nations of the North Suhday – marinated fresh fatty fish.

Cooking connoisseurs, gave the world its great cuisine, the French can impress you with exquisite delicacies for the Christmas table. In the holiday menu always include snails, goose pate, delicious cheese, famous French savory soups and a special way of cooked Turkey. Traditionally, pre-baked Turkey marinated in white wine for several hours in the oven with vegetables and aromatic herbs.

The Swedes do not take the time to prepare traditional new year dishes called Kroppkakor. To do this from a mixture of boiled potatoes, ham and bacon kind of dough is prepared, which subsequently roll down and the balls are boiled in salted water.

Not surprisingly, serves Christmas buffet in Japan have their own sacred meaning. In this festival the inhabitants of the land of the Rising Sun for centuries been adopted primarily to wish others a long life. The menu symbolizes longevity, long buckwheat noodles – soba.

To guests at the table in the coming year are not subjected to any afflictions on the table and serves dessert from black soybeans, which symbolize health. For the same that everyone in the New year accompanied the happiness and luck in traditional Japanese new year’s menu might include the chestnut puree and sweet potato.

Modern world cuisine and offers plenty of recipes and traditions having familiarized with which you diversify your own celebrations and acquire new traditions and rituals inherent in Your large and happy family.

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