Unusual aspects of Japanese culture

Japan is a unique country brand. This confluence of traditions, technologies and circumstances. Here the ideals of the samurai are faced with the latest computer developments. And let the Europeans will never be able to understand the culture of Japan, but not to admire or to wonder about this country we cannot do. So, how about that.

1. A hikikomori

2. Crime

Although legends of the Yakuza mafia prevalent, the crime rate in Japan is surprisingly low. Here it is illegal to have a firearm, and even ceremonial swords must be registered with the police. The land of the Rising Sun is in second place, after Monaco, on the list of countries with the minimum homicide rate in the world. And if you ever have the misfortune to appear before the court in Japan, you can be sure that you will gladly go to jail without further problems. Career and reputation of the judge severely lose points for handing out acquittals, and in a year about two or three prisoners are facing the death penalty through hanging.

3. Food

Chocolate “Kit Kat” is an extremely popular thing in Japan, as his name is very much in tune with the phrase “Kitto Katsu” (literally: you will surely win), and your purchase is this sweet good-luck to himself. Give students the “Kit Kat” to each other before the exam, and if the rest of the world is only a milk chocolate version of this, Japan boasts dozens of exotic flavours, such as grilled corn, miso, Camembert cheese, baked potato, and soy sauce.

4. Work

Although the Japanese are known for their unwavering work ethic, the stereotype of the drunk businessman singing in a karaoke bar not too far from the truth. ALCO-marathons with potential colleagues and partners are the cornerstone of the Japanese business model. But, fortunately, the hangover night revelry for a good business purposes is easy enough to survive with the help of common practice NAP at work, in public transport and other public places – inemuri. Moreover, such fast charging is seen as a sign of hard work and dedication.

5. The Phenomenon Kodokushi

What could be sadder to die alone? In Japan it happens all the time. The traditional image of a big family living under one roof, is long gone. This phenomenon is a serious social problem in the rapidly aging Japanese society. Literally “kodokushi” is the imprint of a dead man who has long remained undetected. The corpse begins to rot and leave behind stubborn stains. Moreover, kodokushi in Japan is so widespread that already have the business of cleaning the property after death and the sort of things he left behind. Engaged in the transportation of furniture workers report that quite often come across “kodokushi” – about 300 times out of 1000.

6. Porn

The annual volume of porn produced in the country reaches 40 000 films a year, which puts Japan in a unique position relative to other Asian countries, where the production of porn or completely forbidden (China), or is, but in much smaller amounts. In principle, to film violent porn ban there, but it needs to be blurred, which is consistent with national perceptions of morality. In consequence of this was founded by this porn trend, Bukkake, group when, after sex all together cum on face partner, in order to prove that porn really having sex. Interestingly, a lot of Japanese boys reported that they are uninterested in sex. And some men actually call themselves herbivores (soshoku danshi) and avoid sexual contact.

7. Pachinko/pachinko

The most popular form of recreation in Japan, playing pachinko requires no skill. Players buy steel balls, lay them in the car and win more balls which can be exchanged for the prize, because the money game is strictly punishable by law. Although the winnings can be easily exchanged for money in a nearby store, which is next door.

8. Aaba

Anyone who suffers because of wearing braces (or any parent who has shelled out huge amount to the orthodontist) understands the importance of straight, even teeth. In Japan, however, is growing among young women trend under the name of “yaeba” (literally “double tooth”) when the girls go to the clinic and they are increasing the canine, invitingly sticking out of his mouth. As in the first case, this is also a very expensive procedure.

9. Suicide

Although homicides in Japan are almost non-existent, the country has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. In average two times more than in other developed countries. Although is it any wonder that, because for a long time in Japanese culture, suicide was considered a noble act and a way to protect the honor and reputation of the family.

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