Use cinnamon in cooking

Cinnamon has a pleasant, sustainable and sweetish taste. It is sold in the form of whole sticks are from the bark or ground.

The scope of its use in cooking is quite extensive. Cinnamon is used for cooking first, second, desserts and both hot and cold. Especially it is often added to various confections.

Cinnamon disinfects wonderful products infected with E. coli, so it is recommended to add to perishable meals, and fresh juices.

Cinnamon in Chinese cooking

The flavor of Chinese cinnamon and sweet at the same time pungent and astringent. This spice is used mainly in confectionery and baking bakery products. It is also well suited to the sweet, including savory, dishes. It is added to puddings, mousse, jelly, cheese pasta, sweet rice. Perfectly combined Chinese cinnamon in sweet dishes with fruits (particularly cherries, apples, quinces, pears) and vegetables, rice and corn. In modern Western cuisine it is often added to different types of fruit salads, soups.

Chinese cinnamon in the cuisine of many Nations is used in meat and poultry. For example, in the kitchen of the peoples of Transcaucasia and Central Asia it is added to hot and cold dishes from lamb, chicken and Turkey. In South-East Asia with its help ennoble the taste of fatty pork.

Spice is used to improve the taste and aroma of cheese products, as well as when cooking jam. She often acts as a component of various spice mixes intended for fruit, mushrooms and meat marinades. It is added to stewed fruits, jellies, sweet and sour sauces. Chinese cinnamon is a part of spicy mixtures “curry” and “GA-RAM masala”.

Because at home grinding sticks pretty hard, Chinese cinnamon are usually bought in the form of a hammer. This spice quickly loses its fragrance, so it is advisable to store no more than 2 months.

In liquid meals add cinnamon most often in the form of pieces of bark, and in main dishes and dough – in with a hammer.

In it lay the dough during mixing, in hot first and second courses, as well as in jellies and compotes her lay for 5 – 7 minutes until cooked, in salads, and cheese pasta – just before use. The highest standards bookmarks of cinnamon exist in the Eastern, Indian and Chinese cuisines. They are 0.5 to 1 tsp. per 1 kg of product (meat, rice, dough or cheese) or 1 l of liquid.

Ceylon cinnamon in cooking

Although Ceylon cinnamon is very similar to Chinese and they are often confused, they differ markedly. Unlike Chinese, Ceylon cinnamon has a more delicate flavor and less pungent taste, in which there is no harshness.

In home cooking it is often put into all the dishes together with sugar. Its delicate aroma and flavor of Ceylon cinnamon blends with different acute and pungent spices. She is a member of various blends, such as “curry”, Yerevan, etc. blend This spice is often added to various cakes, fruit salads, fruit, vegetable and dairy soups, sweets, rice, sweet cereals, desserts. Well it manifests itself in dishes of pork, lamb, poultry.

In some countries, Ceylon cinnamon added to the wine and fruit sauces. It can be used for canning berries, mushrooms pickling and salting of vegetables.

Well cinnamon flavored homemade alcoholic drinks, punches and GROHE.

Cinnamon cinnamon in cooking

Cinnamon cinnamon – cinnamon variety, which is one of the most widespread in almost all sectors of the food industry. It is used in bakery and sausage products, pastes, curd mass, ice cream, various sauces, mustard.

In home cooking and catering its use varies widely and depends on the tastes and traditions. For example, the European chefs and cooks used it only in fruit and vegetable salads.

In the kitchen of the peoples of the East it is an indispensable component of hot and cold dishes of poultry and meat. In Transcaucasia, in addition to meat dishes, it is put into various soups, dishes of vegetables and beans and pilaf from mutton and pork.

The overall point is unchanged, its application in the preparation of sweet dishes.

In East Slavic kitchen cinnamon cinnamon add milk to soups, jellied fish and dishes from the fatty meat. It is often used during pickling tomatoes, cucumbers and watermelons, as well as for canning cranberry and cowberry.

Cinnamon cinnamon, like other species of cinnamon, is part of many spice mixtures, “curry”, “Yerevan”, mixes for sabriana and pork marinades. The dosage of this spice in different countries varies considerably and depends on the traditions. In the East, especially where it is grown, its average norm of a bookmark in the dishes are 0.5 to 1 teaspoon per 1 kg of product. In Europe and America they are much lower.

Use cinnamon in cooking
Cinnamon has a pleasant, sustainable and sweetish taste. It is sold in the form of whole sticks are from the bark or ground. The scope of its use in cooking…

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