Southeast Asia to Russian

We continue our series on where Russians can travel without obtaining a visa. We have to get together and fly! In past issues we told you where to go without visa to America and what are visa free countries in Europe for the Russians in 2012 and 2013 .

In all the countries of South-East Asia’s well-developed tourism. Exotic nature, sacred places and unique sights attract tourists from all over the world. Local identity, national identity of Asian countries leave no one indifferent. Recently become more and more popular tours in Asian countries without visa requirements for Russian citizens. This simplifies the transfer and gives the tourists the great opportunity to visit unique and exotic places. Currently the visa-free countries of South-East Asia to Russia in 2011, 2012 and the following years: Sri Lanka, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Chinese tropical island of Hainan. In order to decide where you can go to Southeast Asia without a visa for Russians, it is necessary to collect background information about these countries. What we did:

Sri Lanka is a small island. From the equator it is separated 800 km in Sri Lanka collect the excellent Ceylon tea. The island is located in the Indian ocean, surrounded by a necklace of white reefs. Here almost the entire year – summer. Exotic lush flora and fauna of the island of Sri Lanka amaze tourists with its authenticity and uniqueness. In the rivers there are crocodiles up to 8 m in length. The climate of the island of Sri Lanka is tropical.

Malaysia sits on the Malay Peninsula and Borneo ( Kalimantan). In the harmonious combination of ancient culture, exoticism and modernity. For the preservation of rare coral reefs and their inhabitants in Malaysia established marine Park Pulau Payar. In Malaysia, the tallest building in the world Petronas towers, the largest mosque of Asia. The country has a tropical climate throughout the year, retains heat and humidity that is appreciated by tourists.

The Philippines consist of a large number of Islands in the Pacific ocean. Almost all the Islands are mountainous, and the ridges are of volcanic origin. On most Islands of the Philippines is tropical monsoon climate. In the forests of palms, bamboo, Banyan, orchids, rubber, cinnamon. In coastal waters inhabited by molluscs-pearl oysters that form pearls. Going to the Philippines for the beaches, exploring the wild Islands, Boracay island, most tourists who come for kite surfing. Park and ride CWC Wake boarders all over the world.

Vietnam is on the Indochina Peninsula and is available to Russians without visas all year round. From the South and East by the South China ( East) sea. Most of the territory is occupied by medium and low mountains. In Vietnam three intertwined religious movements: Confucianism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. The sophistication and uniqueness of Vietnamese cuisine is famous for.

Laos is also included in visa free countries South-East Asia to Russia in 2011. Laos traces its history from the XIV century. The country is landlocked, all its territory is covered by dense exotic forests. In the valley of the Mekong river stretches a fertile plain. Tourists consider Laos the most mysterious country in South-East Asia.

Choosing tours to Asian countries without visa for citizens of Russia, can we stop for a country like Thailand. The Thai Kingdom has long been a popular destination for Europeans, but even here you can find a retreat or old settlements in the mountains. Unforgettable impression of the trip to Thailand left untouched jungle, waterfalls, caves. This is the most visited country in South-East Asia. However, the majority of tourists come here to visit hot tourist areas such as Pattaya, Phuket or Bangkok.

Indonesia – largest island country in the world, here too the road is open to tourists without visas, because it is obtained here directly from the airport on arrival. The country is located on Islands of the Sunda archipelago. Indonesia – the most populous Muslim state. On some Islands of the country are ancient tribes that still live by their own customs and traditions. A huge number of Islands consists of various civilizations and religions! The most frequently visited places by tourists is Bali, Flores, Komodo, Lombok and stlitsa visa-free Indonesia Jakarta.

Extremely interesting is the visa-free Chinese tropical island of Hainan. And it is a namesake province of China. Hainan is washed by the South China sea. Many species of flora and fauna of Hainan island are rare instances. They are protected by UNESCO. There are many beautiful beaches and developed infrastructure.

Every tourist in the world has the opportunity to choose an interesting travel route and decide where you can go to Southeast Asia without visa for Russians.

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