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The tale of pragmatism and dryness of the Germans in the Affairs of not only money, but love and obviously came up with the neighbours envious. Of course, a respectable citizen of Germany will not be to throw every last penny for the wedding ceremony, rather it will simply delay it for a year or two to get the opportunity to truly enjoy their holiday.

Despite the fact that Hungary is situated in the heart of Europe, the peculiarities of this people we know very little. And traditional Hungarian wedding is an illustrative example of an unknown Treasury of legends and traditions. For example, the fact that “walk in the bachelors or the maidens” was shameful. Marriage was obligatory for every self-respecting and their relatives person.

The existence of this nation and its identity is known in every country of the world, but about the peculiarities of the national Jewish wedding – units. Maybe because the Jews don’t strongly advertise “the ceremony under the hula”, and maybe because this allowed for a Jewish wedding is only an approximation, but a stranger should not be here. However, the very Jewish wedding is very complex and intricate ceremony, where every movement of the newlyweds verified by history and religion.

Japan, like many other Eastern countries, for most Europeans, a closed and mysterious world. Eastern worldview so largely different from our that it is often difficult to understand what is really important for Japanese people. On one side is a country of ultra-modern technology and skyscrapers and centuries of tradition.

Tradition or modernity?

Japanese before the wedding was an elaborate ceremony of superstitions, svatovskaya rites and religious ceremonies, and the wedding ceremony contained elements of three different religions: Shintoism, Buddhism and Christianity.

In China, the rich and complex rituals wedding traditions rooted in the deep past, but in modern China from them almost nothing left. The reason for the rapid change the country for the last century. Now Chinese marriage is all social event and display of wealth.

But even two centuries ago the wedding was a very important event in Chinese society, surrounded by a multitude of rituals, divinations and ceremonies.

Tales of the magnificence of Oriental wedding feasts, Arabic in particular, is not a fairy tale, but reality. Even for Russians, already accustomed to extravagant holidays, the average Arab wedding will seem flashy or a luxury Playground for the filming of “Scheherazade” with expensive decorations. Because it absolutely is different.

The differences with European and other cultures begin with the fact that in the Arab world, polygamy is allowed.

Brazil often is the land of incessant dancing, parties and carnivals, where carelessness and frivolity in the local communities in the blood. Of course, not the last role in this performance was played by the so-called “Brazilian soap operas”, where the characters have no limits and restrictions in love. However, in reality, Brazilians are very serious about starting a family and obey many of the Catholic (or Protestant) tradition.

Wedding in Australia – one of the most important and joyful events for residents of this country. No wonder that sociological research suggests that Australians are among the happiest people on earth. Maybe because they know how to enjoy simple human happiness? Australian wedding and is a wonderful mix of wedding ceremony, the noise of the surf and exotic treats.

On the other side of the earth

Play wedding in Australia only one day, but this day put in a huge effort. Overall, the ceremony itself is similar to a normal European wedding ceremony: the wedding (or registration in the city administration), walk and Banquet.

Mexican wedding is the same hot and lush as the nature of the country of the Sun. Since ancient times the feast of the birth of a new family for Mexicans was so significant event as the beginning of a new year, where like mad the whole family and hundreds of guests.

Wedding sang and danced!

The preparation for this event begins several months in advance. All areas are clearly divided between relatives: some wedding rings are prepared, others are coming up with what will be the wedding cake.

Luxury Church, the plume Bridal dresses in rose petals and beautiful words of love – all this haunts almost everyone who wants to imagine a wedding in the United States. The reason for that is numerous Hollywood melodrama, cascading mussiruya the theme from the wedding brides and wedding vows. But what is it actually?

The great American dream

American weddings are of two types classic and others. In the category of “other” include a small ceremony without an lavish celebrations, official registration in the city hall, the quick marriages in Las Vegas and national celebrations in the families of migrants.

Wedding ceremony in India always appears to us the mysterious tale behind a veil of speculation and guesswork, because, in fact, very few people are familiar with Indian traditions. However, about five meters in festive Sari and gold bangles of the bride heard almost every. What is this, a wedding the Indian way?

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